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Today,mom and dad are not at home,I feel uncomfortable,cough,runny nose,I think I have a cold.I think I grow up now you should go to see a doctor,so I took usually saved pocket money to see a doctor.To the hospital,I learn of his mother in the previously registered window before hanging up the Department of pediatrics.With a single I registered by building instructions to pediatric medical room.I put a single registered to the doctor,the doctor asked me where is uncomfortable,I put my feelings to tell the doctor,the doctor told me to open my mouth looked at my throat,I got strep throat.Also take a thermometer for me to temperature,the temperature is normal.


So the doctor gave me some medicine to take medicine on time,I will be well,and has been praised me very sensible.Back home,I follow the doctor"s instructions were to eat the medicine.Mom and dad came back,I had to see the doctor.Give them,they hear happily from ear to ear,always praise me grow up,really is a good boy.Hearing parents praise me,my heart,feel oneself grow up,and can take care of himself.



摘菜 Pick vegetables

This morning, I will write my homework after dinner. Finish the homework, mother took me out shopping. I see, east west see, how do you get to see. Mother bought a lot of I like to eat food. After my mother and I buy food, went home.

At home, I let my mother taught me to pick a dish. Mother said: “pick vegetables first to see if there are any broken leaves, if you have bad leaves, to remove it, and then wash clean.” I did as mother said, put the dishes washed. Good mother Fried dish, our family went to eat. Looking at you eat very happy, my in the mind have say a happy, for I had a hand!


小学元宵节英语日记 lantern Festival

Today is lantern Festival. I am very happy. Lantern Festival is Chinese festival. Every year once.


In this day, people are very happy . In the steet, people is a lot of.people see a lantern. In the evening,I eat yuan_iao together with my family. It"s very delicious.


I like Lantern Festival very much.



美味的晚餐 Delicious Supper

Tonight, my mother invite her friends to come to dinner. So my mother prepare a lot of food, she even cooks the new food, which I never taste before. My mother"s friends praise her a lot, which makes my mother so happy. The food my mother cooks is so delicious, I love to eat them so much. I am so happy to have such a good mother.




This winter holiday, I went to Kunming with my family. Kunming is a very beautiful city, I think. The sky is blue and the air is clean. You can see many kinds of nice flowers everywhere. The weather there is great. It′s never too hot or too cold all the year round, so people always call it “Spring City”.


Kunming is surrounded by beautiful scenery. And one of the most famous views is “The Stone Forest”. It is really scenic.


We just stayed in Kunming for six days, but I felt very happy, and I like Kunming very much.



There are 3 people in my family.They are my father,my mother and me.My father is a policeman.My mother is a housewife.I am a student in ***x School.My favorite subject is English,because I think it is very interesting.I like my family very much.



201_年_月_日 星期_ 晴

I have a happy weekend.


On Saturday morning I always have English classes at school. I study hardin the classroom. In the afternoon I often play computer games. On Sundaymorning I often draw pictures. Sometimes I visit my grandmother and grandfather.Sometimes I listen to music. On Sunday afternoon I often do housework or goshopping.


So I love weekends.




201_年_月_日 星期_ 晴

I have planned a happy weekend.Saturday morning, I must go to see me aunt.In the afternoon, I must go to the shopping center to go shopping.Evening, I planned makes the homework.Sunday in the morning, I watch the television, the television program is e_tremely interesting.In the afternoon, I planned listens to music and paints pictures.I thought this weekend I can be very weary, but is certainly very joyful.




This morning, my father took me to school by bike. I sat at the back of the bike, eating a banana. After I ate it up, I threw the skin onto the street randomly. No sooner had I done this than I realized that I had done something bad to our environment. And maybe someone would step on it and tumble over. I must pick it up. Thinking of these, I asked father to stop. I jumped off the bike and ran back to pick up the banana skin and threw it into a roadside dustbin. Seeing this, father praised me and I felt very happy.

In future I will protect the surroundings more consciously and think more about others.


过生日 The birthday

Today is my birthday, I"m going to let my father bought me a birthday cake, but he is late from work, just bought me a duck, mom went to buy vegetables, also bought me some stuff, by the way, grandma said a white line you want for your birthday, my mother began to burn stove, let me put on the white line dept. head, then go to shooting, only listen spluttered pa... A rumbling sound, although do not have to eat the birthday cake, but I self-sufficiency.



Today I came to my aunt, my aunt and her sister very friendly to me, my little brother very lovely is very naughty. I play with him for a long time. Lunch is very rich, delicious food, I ate two bowls of rice wanted to eat. In the day is really beautiful.




Today is Saturday,but I do not have a good rest. I have to go to my teacher"s home to learn piano in the morning. I get there at 8:30 and I start to practice. I stay there for three hours. My teacher teaches me a lot. But I don"t like it. I want to go out and have fun with my friends. My mother never let me go out. Sometimes, I am very angry, but it doesn"t work. Therefore, I don"t like weekends. I want to go to school. I have friends and classmates there.



It was a very busy evening, I was doing my homework at my home. My father was writing a composition in the study room. My mother was interested in Shanghai opera. She was watching a Shanghai opera contest. The apartment was very quiet. Suddenly the light went out. It was a blackout, but I liked it very much. It came and I didn"t have to do my homework. We went to the living room very slowly.

After 5 minutes, we all sat in the sofa. It was a lucky, fortunate day. I said that let"s held a concert. My parents agreed with me. I took out some candles and lighted up. We were singing, laughing and talking. We had a really good time. But while I was singing, the light suddenly turned on. Oh, my God. My father went back to his room went on writing.

My mother turned on the TV and said to me “Dear, do your homework!” I felt very frustrated. I sat at the desk and thought I hated light. I hoped there would be a blackout the ne_t day. I thought I would enjoy myself more and more. I went into a dream.



Tomorrow is New Year"s Day, my family have had a completely cleaning for two days. Then my father and I decorated our flat and my mother cooked delicious food for our meal. After supper we watched TV program. How happy we were!




Today is the start of the school holiday. I go to the night zoo in Panyu with my mother and father.we see the white tigers, the bears, lions, elephants, pandas, polar bears and the snakes. The pandas are very cute. The snakes are very dire! And the bear are very cute too.


Today is my holiday. On my holiday I m very happy!



If you want to ask me why we should study English, my answer will be simple and clear. Now let me enumerate the reasons one by one in the following.In the first place, English has become an international language. If you know English, you can make a trip round the world without being misunderstood.In the second place, most valuable books, newspapers and magazines are written in English. If you wish (hope) to get knowledge, you must learn English.



Today is Sunday. My mother、my father and I are all at home. My mother is washing clothes now.My father is reading newspapers.I am doing my English homework.

In the afternoon,we are going to go to my grandparents"s home. And I will play with my little sister.

I think I will have a nice day.



I once saw sunrise. I was very amazing and beautiful. The night before, we lived in the top of mountain. About 4 p.m., we went out of the tent. It was so dark outside that we could not see anything. I was very quiet and seemed that everything was sleeping. About twenty minutes, the sky turned to white slowly. And we can see the outline of mountains. Suddenly, the clouds turned to brighten and slowly, the sun rised slowly. It was red, but after it appeared totally, it became golden. Its light irradiated to every where. The sky was totally golden and it was really beautiful.



It"s raining again today。And it"s raining hard。It was dark from morning till night。 It was still dark at half past eight。 Even if I do my homework, I can only see it with the light on。As soon as it rains, it stays down until about twelve o"clock。After the rain stopped, I went to the restaurant downstairs to buy some food。




Today is a rainy day. My father took me to school in the morning, because the bus was too crowded. On the way to school, my father asked me about my study. I said I worked very hard in school. In the class, I listened to the teachers carefully and I often answered the questions. And I had good relationship with my classmates. I was happy to play with them. They were very friendly. My fathered was happy to hear that. He hoped I could be happy in the school.