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第一篇: 这就是我小学英语作文


Hello!Every one!My name is Guo Zili.My English name is Sarah King.Do you know me?Well,Let me tell you!

I"m 13 years old.And I live in Beijing Chana.I Speak Chinese and a little English.My birthday is September 8th.And Emily Dean is my pan pal.

I like bananas and oranges very much.My favorite subject is English.It"sreally very Amusing!I like pandas best.Because they"re very beautiful and friendly.I want to be a teacher.Because I Meet interesting Children evrey day!

Oh!No! My computer has broken down , I can"t continue writing! Bye-bye!

第二篇: 这就是我小学英语作文

Good morning,Im glad to be here with you.My name is Youtheme.I am 18 years old and come from youtheme Primary School.

There are theer members in my family.My dad is a ***x,My mom is a ***x.Iam a happy girl/smart boy.I like piaying PC game.

I think its very interesting.My favourite clss is ***x.Becuase Ican learn a lot.

And English is very useful I hope I could speak English well.Thank you.

第三篇: 这就是我小学英语作文

Hello, everyone! My name is BaiXinyu. My English name is Amy. I’m 13 years old. I am in Class 7, Grade 7 in the 29 Middle School. I love my new school, it is very big.

I have big, black eyes, short hairs. I am very tall and slim. I’m a sunny、friendly girl. My teachers and classmates all like me.

There are three people in my family: my father, my mother and me. I have a dog, he is white. He is so lovely and simple. Oh, he’s a poodle. I love him very much.

I have a lot of hobbies. Such as drawing pictures, reading books, doing exercises……I like reading, because it called me lots of about would. I am good at swimming, and I like water, it is very cool! But I don’t like skiing, it’s difficult with me.

This is me, do you know?

第四篇: 这就是我小学英语作文


That"s Me 这就是我

Hello, everyone. I am a 16-year-old boy with great confidence. My name is Alek. I am a student from Haimen Dongzhou Middle School.

I love English. I’ve been interested in English since I first learnt it. Gradually, my interest grew and grew, and now, when I speak English, I try to speak it loudly and clearly. In my daily life, I take every chance to practise my English. I am becoming more and more confident in my English ability. I believe nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it. With the help of English. I am sure I will be a man of the world because English is a bridge to the world.

I am fond of playing Ping-pong. Whenever there’s a Ping-pong match, I always try to watch it, to see how the players play and learn their techniques.

I also enjoy music. Music makes me relax and happy. So, I often listen to music while I’m lying in bed. I really enjoy that happy time.

My favourite food is beef. I like it ever so much because I think it’s the most delicious food in the world.

I like the color green best. Green stands for hope and life. It gives life and fills me with energy.

So, that’s me, a boy with great confidence and a lot of hobbies.








第五篇: 这就是我小学英语作文

Hi ! M Chinese nae is Huang Lele and English nae is Alexander. I live in inan, Shandng Prvince, a ver beautiful cit. M birthda is n April ,6th.

I lie reading bs ,writing ,travelling ,drawing pictures and plaing sprts .There are a lt f bs everwhere in huse . The are babies ,s I have a nicnae “bwr “. M favurite anial is the wlf ,because it is ver clever and united . I lie plaing ftball and swiing . The are fun and can ae e health . ellw and red are favurite clurs . Because the stand fr victr and “ellw “ is als fail nae .

I lie the English prverb “N pains , n gains .” I will tr t wr hard fr drea .

D u lie e , a sunn b ?





第六篇: 这就是我小学英语作文


Hello everyone. My name is Gong Yanyan. I’m a happy girl. I’m thirteen years old. I have two big eyes and my hair is long. I’m studying in Class 11, Grade 7 of Dongzhou Middle School. My school is very big and beautiful.

I have some hobbies, listening to music, looking for things on the Internet, reading books and watching TV. I like English and maths. They’re interesting.

I have a happy family. My father is a driver and my mother is an office worker. They love me very much. I like them too.

I have two new friends. They’re Yu Jinwen and Shen Lin. They’re girls. They’re beautiful.

This is me. What about you?

第七篇: 这就是我小学英语作文

Hello, my name is Leo. Im from. Zhengxin school. As you can see I have a round face and the big eyes. I like music very much. In my spare time, I like take some reading and go shopping. It can make me feel happy. I like chatting with others, because it can help me to know this world.

I have lots of friends. All the things in the world are colorful. I love peace and I take proud of my motherland. Thank you!

第八篇: 这就是我小学英语作文

Hello everyone, my name is XXX, XX years old this year. Starting today, I became a junior high school student.

Just graduated from primary school, I experienced the separation between classmates for the first time, I was a little worried, afraid of losing my friends, strange environment, which made me a little nervous. Anteriormo Chou no friends, I do not understand this sentence nobody knows you before, now I know that I should be brave to accept the new happy life, because I see my junior middle school life has come enthusiastic classmates and kind teacher will accompany in my side, I hope I can become friends and we learn in the future life, can help each other, to encourage each other.

I like... (according to my specialty, its better to write about class life. Such as painting can help a blackboard, love work can become the labor member and you want to write, as long as the expertise, dont write a blackboard can make an unnecessary move like it), I hope my strength can make a contribution for the class.

I will try my best to be a qualified student in junior high school. This is a real me!